​​Fort Bend Falcons

fall 2017

We hope that you are all in good health following Hurricane Harvey and are all ready to get back into the

thick of things!

We have modified our practice schedules for the remainder of the bocce and volleyball seasons.  The dates

and times listed under the Calendar tab of this website.

Just a few reminders for our athletes and parents:

  1. Be aware of the weather when dealing with outside sports.
  2. Dress your athlete appropriately for sports (no jewelry, only close-toe shoes, athletic wear).
  3. Please be on time to practices.
  4. Have clear communication with your coaches. If you join a team but know you cannot make a competition, we need to be aware of that as soon as possible (please note, your athlete is welcome at practice even if he/she cannot make the competition).
  5. Join Remind101 when your coaches give you the codes. The coaches will be communicating through this program with you in order to give you more efficient and immediate information.
  6. Hydration is key! Bring water or a sports drink with your athlete to practice! Snacks and sodas are prohibited.
  7. All Special Olympics uniforms that are on loan to you need to be returned to the coaches after the competition, as these are FBISD property. If the uniform is not returned, your athlete will not be allowed to participate in any future sports until either the uniform is returned or paid for.

Thank you all for everything you do and continue to do to help keep our program a success! It is only with you, the families, that the Falcons can thrive! We are all excited about the upcoming year and cannot wait to see what greatness we will achieve.

Hayley Martinez-HOD and Darin Quintero-HOD